Week 12 18-24/04/2016 # Adaptation Anyone?

– 5 min – Oh boy. What to do. Yes, the screenplay is still cooking, brewing, on the stove, in development. No, I’m not writing on it daily. But scenes are growing in my mind. Mostly ‘pure cinema’ ones, no surprise. I don’t mind how slow it goes. The best dishes are slow-cooked ones, in… Continue reading Week 12 18-24/04/2016 # Adaptation Anyone?

Week 9 28/03-03/04/2016 # I See A Theme Here

– 4 min – This week I finally was able to get my hands on the book Film Art: An Introduction, by David Bordwell & Kristin Thompson. From the library that is. It’s so often loaned out, but luckily now it wasn’t. I would love to own it, but the price is too steep for… Continue reading Week 9 28/03-03/04/2016 # I See A Theme Here