Day 18 02/03/2016 # Accidentally Hitchcock

– 3 min – This is why knowing film history and about other filmmakers and having seen many movies is so important, when you yourself are getting into the game of filmmaking, especially screenwriting. With my planned story in the back of my head all the time, I was digging deeper into Alfred Hitchcock today… Continue reading Day 18 02/03/2016 # Accidentally Hitchcock

Day 9 10/02/2016 # The Art Of Suspense

– 2 min – So, how much should I tell the audience? How to exercise the art of suspense. The story I am working on is a sort of crime drama and the question in these kinds of stories is always: how much are you telling the audience? And what effect does this decision have… Continue reading Day 9 10/02/2016 # The Art Of Suspense