Week 8 21-27/03/2016 # True Colours

– 6 min – “…there is only one motivation and that is desire…” – Jane Smiley. A powerful statement that I agree with, which I ran into during this week. I really did need a ‘vacation’ and since Easter weekend was coming up, I was giving myself a little break, not really going anywhere, just… Continue reading Week 8 21-27/03/2016 # True Colours

Day 11 16/02/2016 # Motivation Is Everything

– 3 min – And I do mean EVERYTHING. Why do you do what you do? What is your story? If you don’t know the motivation of why someone is doing something or not doing something, it’s so much harder to relate or have empathy towards that person or understand what is going on. Imagine… Continue reading Day 11 16/02/2016 # Motivation Is Everything

Day 3 03/02/2016 # I’m Stuck

– 3 min – Well, that didn’t take very long. When I shared this momentous event, that I started writing my very first screenplay on a screenwriting group on Facebook, one guy commented amongst other very kind things ‘this will be your bootcamp’, which was also meant kind, but also very true. And somehow I… Continue reading Day 3 03/02/2016 # I’m Stuck