Week 8 21-27/03/2016 # True Colours

– 6 min – “…there is only one motivation and that is desire…” – Jane Smiley. A powerful statement that I agree with, which I ran into during this week. I really did need a ‘vacation’ and since Easter weekend was coming up, I was giving myself a little break, not really going anywhere, just… Continue reading Week 8 21-27/03/2016 # True Colours

Day 8 09/02/2016 # What If?

– 4 min – It’s dawning on me, as I am diving into screenwriting, that I’ve always been a ‘what if’ kid. Not a ‘oh, but what if this will happen’ in a fearful sort of way, but more in the imaginative way, what if he or she will do this or what if this… Continue reading Day 8 09/02/2016 # What If?