Day 8 09/02/2016 # What If?

– 4 min – It’s dawning on me, as I am diving into screenwriting, that I’ve always been a ‘what if’ kid. Not a ‘oh, but what if this will happen’ in a fearful sort of way, but more in the imaginative way, what if he or she will do this or what if this… Continue reading Day 8 09/02/2016 # What If?

Day 7 08/02/2016 # Know Thy Characters

– 3 min – So, I’m not writing every day and that’s ok, I have decided. Because on the days I don’t write, I do do other things that are related to filmmaking which will add to the art of screenwriting. So, just to get that out of the way. And yes, we already talked… Continue reading Day 7 08/02/2016 # Know Thy Characters

Day 6 06/02/2016 # Write What You Know

– 2 min – Famous words from Mr. McKee. I forget if it’s something he wrote in his book ‘Story’ or whether I heard it at his Story Seminar, which I was able to attend in the spring of 2014. Attend doesn’t cover it though. Oh no. Robert McKee’s Story Seminar is like saying to… Continue reading Day 6 06/02/2016 # Write What You Know

Day 5 05/02/2016 # Practice Practice Practice

– 6 min – No time like the present, right? So, last night I wanted to relax a bit, but also practice character development with the questions raised in Mr. Robot yesterday. Shrek 2 was on the menu, nothing like this kind of movie to relax you and put smiles on your face at the… Continue reading Day 5 05/02/2016 # Practice Practice Practice

Day 3 03/02/2016 # I’m Stuck

– 3 min – Well, that didn’t take very long. When I shared this momentous event, that I started writing my very first screenplay on a screenwriting group on Facebook, one guy commented amongst other very kind things ‘this will be your bootcamp’, which was also meant kind, but also very true. And somehow I… Continue reading Day 3 03/02/2016 # I’m Stuck