On February 1st, 2016, I decided to start writing my very first screenplay. This wasn’t a decision made overnight, many years have preceded it.

Although I have loved stories, both reading and writing, and photography pretty much all my life and have always been doing something with it on the side, I never gave it the full attention it so desperately wanted. I can say it was because of conflicting circumstances, lack of financial resources, lack of emotional support and courage, which is all true, but in hindsight I now believe it simply wasn’t the right time for it yet. And all the other things I have been doing in the mean time, both seemingly unrelated and directly related, weren’t wasted, they have only added to my toolset for it. No matter how much we still think so, artists – in any field – don’t grow overnight. But when you have that creative bug inside of you, and you know if you do, it does want to grow one way or another and will keep asking for your attention. So, eventually you’ll either have to kill it – hard – because it will keep on bugging you otherwise, or give in and make it grow, see where it goes. There is nothing in between. And since I don’t want to kill it, yet, I love it too much, I have decided to give into visual storytelling fully now (having loved movies all my life also) and see where it will go. And it might not go where I hope it will go, but at least then I can say I really went all in. And who knows, it might lead me to something else, even better for me, which I’m not aware of yet.

As for documenting this particular writing journey, I realized that this first time writing a screenplay would never happen again and that I will learn many things on this journey, or ‘bootcamp’ as someone called it. And because I process things better when writing them down and the things I’m learning on this journey might benefit others going through similar processes as well, I figured blogging about it would be a good thing. And if, by some miracle, this very first screenplay will become a movie, how nice to read how that happened. So there.

If you are expecting to read about the technical rules of writing a screenplay or expect to read the full screenplay itself as it develops, then I have to say, that will probably not happen. Although in the process I will run into several writing issues and questions and talk about that and probably will reveal some content of the screenplay, I expect to write more about the struggles, revelations, aha moments and advices I will get and the psychological background of the storytelling process.


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