Day 15 24/02/2016 # Dialogue Is Overrated

– 1 min –

Well, she says after just watching the beautiful tribute to silent film The Artist (2011), which received 5 Academy Awards. Not that that always means anything. But I loved it, not just because it really was very well made in my opinion, but also because it fits in so well with my DIY film school, about film history and how films were made then and one thing I also wondered about already, the transition between silent film and ‘talkies’. And what better way to learn more about this film history than through a movie like this?

So, now I’m thinking…I want to make a silent, black and white, Hitchcock style, mocking crime thriller. Well, sort of. It’s the ‘what if’ thing that pops up. What if I make this story in this style. Actually, I left the mocking thing out and thought the rest of it might not be such a bad idea.

One of the brilliancies of Hitchcock is that he tells stories more with the pictures than with the dialogue. And that’s because he was a silent film director first. And didn’t rely so much on dialogue. I like that a lot. And I am seriously thinking about going that route with this story. Without the title cards though. What if…I can. And it works?

What if…I go from one end to the other. From writing for theatre, which is basically all dialogue to going writing for motion pictures and relying fully on the pictures. And let the psychology, responses visible on the character’s faces speak for themselves.

Tempting…very tempting.


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