Day 13 20/02/2016 # A Mocking Day

– 1 min –

Ah, a good ole mocking story. It was one of those rainy Saturdays today and that calls for movies like the classic The Princess Bride (1987). Guarantees a good feeling. For a few reasons. It’s a love story, it’s adventurous, it’s funny, and most of all, it’s mocking those kinds of movies. But not too much where it gets annoying. And now I watched it with new eyes, those of a budding screenwriter. And how it works so well. I love comedy and especially this kind of comedy.

And one of the ideas of my screenplay was and still is a little bit, to use this style. A crime thriller story, but also mocking it. I think I will be better at doing it that way. It feels more natural to me. Breaking Bad to me was one of the funniest TV series ever. I’m not kidding. That’s one of the first things I said about it. That it’s so funny. How things go wrong in such big ways and you wonder how this will turn out ok again, and the dry humour. I love the dry humour. Always have. And when I wrote those stage plays, I put in a lot of that dry humour. And it worked. Ok, I think I will stick to that. Why not for a first screenplay. Doing something you’re good at, well, have been successful in before on a smaller scale. But still.

Why not write something that makes you laugh while writing it.


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